What Your Choice of Oriental Rugs Says About You!

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What Your Choice of Oriental Rugs Says About You!

Every Oriental rug, whether an antique that has been in the family for generations or one that you recently purchased, has a story attached to it. This is especially true for hand-made, hand-knotted Oriental rugs that have been created by skilled weavers who craft their story and experiences into the design of the rug. Many […]

Can You Have Valuable Oriental Rugs if You Have Pets?

A cute and cuddly puppy or kitten or a fabulous feathered friend can help make a house feel more like home. But what if you share your home with one of these delightful creatures, and you still want an Oriental rug? Is it possible to have a pet-friendly home and still keep an Oriental rug […]

Can Two Oriental Rugs Coexist in the Same Room?

Sometimes when interior designers have a very large room space to design, they choose two rugs to designate separate sitting areas.  Choosing multiple rugs is an exciting way to really awaken a room, but it has to be done tastefully so the rugs complement each other and fit well together in the room. Just as […]

How to Care for Your Oriental Rug Between Cleanings

To most of us, Oriental Rugs are a treasured heirloom, the centerpiece of a room, and likely something of value we want to keep looking pristine. Yet we walk on our rugs every day, and may stain or spill something on them. Proper rug care between care will extend the life of your area rugs.  […]

Using Oriental Rugs as the Basis for Your Interior Design

Oriental rugs have been prized in Western interiors since the 16th century. Why? Because they are an artform that feature some of the most beautiful and intricate designs and motifs. Besides that, they’re practical, they’re easy to care for, and you can cherish them for decades. Designing with Oriental rugs is surprisingly simple. Essentially, it’s […]

What To Do With Your Old Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are one-of-a-kind, handmade masterpieces that are works of art for your floor. Most people acquire their rugs through one of two ways – they buy their own or they inherit them. If you’ve purchased a new rug, chances are it will stay looking as good as new for many years, even after you’ve […]

What Are the Benefits of Owning an Oriental Rug?

Oriental rugs are known for their ornate designs, superb craftsmanship, and their value, which increases with age as well as wear. But, have you ever considered the other reasons why Oriental rugs are so important in-home décor? What is it about Oriental rugs that make them so special, and what are some of the benefits […]