5 Reasons to Restore Oriental and Persian Rugs

5 Reasons to Restore Oriental and Persian Rugs

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5 Reasons to Restore Oriental and Persian Rugs

Oriental or Persian rugs are an amazing asset to any home. They look amazing, provide an interesting texture, add some extra color to your room, and can be quite valuable, especially if they are antique and authentic.

Is it Worth Repairing an Antique Persian Rug?

If you have a Persian or oriental rug in your home, it’s likely to suffer from damage over time. This is completely normal, especially if the rug is placed in an area of high traffic where it could easily get worn away or if you live in a household with children and pets, which may be prone to dirtying the rug. Your rug will also likely fade over time, just because it may be in sunlight, and the natural dyes used in authentic rugs tend to fade over time.

Buying a new rug won’t always be feasible, as the rugs are often expensive and take a long time to make.  The design and creation of beautiful rugs is an art form in origin countries.

For this reason, it’s worth attempting to repair and restore your rug before you look for a new one. If properly restored using the correct materials and techniques, it may even maintain its value.

Professional Cleaners

If your rug has become damaged or stained, professional rug cleaners should be employed to do the restorative work for you. They are experienced in the art of rug making and understand the intricacies of each rug. No two rugs are exactly the same, and each will need to be treated in a unique way in order to restore it to its former glory with no visible evidence of repair work.

Professional cleaners will also have all the equipment designed to restore your rug and will use cleaning solutions that are kind to the material.

Cleaning a Persian or oriental rug isn’t something you can learn from YouTube, as you would need to understand the exact material, knot design, age, and origins of the rug to determine exactly which methods to use. These are all details that a professional rug cleaner will be able to find out just by looking at the rug.

5 Reasons to Restore Your Rug

Now that you know your rug is worth restoring, you’ll need to understand the key things to look out for to understand when professional cleaning or restorative action is required and what professional service is able to do to help you.

If you notice a problem with your rug, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. A professional rug cleaning service will make you aware if your rug is beyond repair, but you don’t want to get to this stage, as a replacement will cost a lot of money, and as every rug is completely unique, you won’t get another that looks the same.

1. Stain Removal

Stains are a common occurrence, especially in a busy household. If you have a stain that’s water soluble, you should try to dab away the excess liquid while it’s still wet – dab, don’t scrub.

You should use a solution of dishwashing liquid and cold water to try and remove the stain as quickly as possible. Dab at the stain with a damp cloth and a single finger. If you catch it early enough, this may be enough to get the stain out and avoid extra restoration.

For deeper ingrained stains, you may need to enlist the help of a professional cleaning service. They will be able to use professional solutions to remove even heavy-duty stains and will leave your rug as dry as possible to prevent fraying, mildew, or fiber damage.

For smaller stains, it’s definitely worth restoring the rug professionally, as you often won’t be able to see the place where the stain was after treatment, so your rug loses none of its value.

2. Fading Color

If your rug is old and walked on a lot, or if it’s placed in direct sunlight, there’s a chance that the color might start to fade.

If you’re not too keen on restoring your rug, you’ll simply need to place it out of direct sunlight or periodically turn the rug around so at least the fading is even on each side.

However, fading makes your rug less attractive in your home and may also mean it decreases in value.

A professional rug restorer may be able to brighten the colors using dye solutions or could repair small areas of fading with new fibers. If you start to notice fading, you should approach a rug restorer as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

If left for too long, your rug could be damaged beyond repair.

3. Extend Life

If it’s not the value that you’re looking for in your rug and you simply love the design, then a professional cleaning every couple of years is a good idea to maintain its life expectancy.

Rugs are prone to wear and tear, and if you intend to keep them looking their best for as long as possible, then restorative action is always a positive. Regular maintenance is likely to keep your rug going for much longer, rather than only treating it when you notice a stain or patch appearing.

4. Maintain Value

Alternatively, some people purchase Persian or oriental rugs simply because of their value. Because of the weeks or even months that it can take to make a single rug, with each individual knot being hand-crafted, the rugs are incredibly expensive, and if they’re kept in great condition, they’ll look better with age and will be worth more overall if you decide to sell.

5. Repair Damage

Damage can happen easily if you have the rug in a high-traffic area within your home. It could also easily become warped out of shape if it’s placed underneath heavy furniture.

If it’s caught early, most small damages can be professionally repaired. If you notice a fiber that’s coming loose or a misshapen piece of knotting, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional rug restorer. They will be able to source the correct materials to repair the rug and will understand the traditional knotting techniques that match your rug in order to restore it to its former glory, so no one would ever know.


In most cases, it’s definitely worth restoring your oriental or Persian rug. It can help you keep the rug looking great for longer and maintain its value should you decide to sell. If you notice an issue with your rug as it ages, you should contact a professional rug restorer or cleaning service in order to have the damage repaired and have it look as good as new.