Can Two Oriental Rugs Coexist in the Same Room?

Can Two Oriental Rugs Coexist in the Same Room?

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Sometimes when interior designers have a very large room space to design, they choose two rugs to designate separate sitting areas.  Choosing multiple rugs is an exciting way to really awaken a room, but it has to be done tastefully so the rugs complement each other and fit well together in the room.

Just as you mix your florals, geometrics, and solids when you use fabrics, you can mix Oriental rugs to complement your space.  The result can be sophisticated and elegant if done correctly. Below are a few tips to help you find the right handmade rugs for your space:

Avoid Matching Rugs

While it may be tempting to purchase two pieces of the same pattern or design, it’s not always the best option. Instead of using matching patterns in adjoining rooms, focus on models that feature complementary colors. This way, each rug accentuates the other without overwhelming the space.

Match in an Open Floor Plan

Some houses have dining rooms that naturally flow into the living room. Matching designs can work in this floor plan, but you’ll want to incorporate some accent colors into the rest of your décor. Use throw pillows that have colors in common with your handmade rug to create a separate but coordinating area in each part of the room.

Always Buy the Same Quality

Using one nice rug for a room and a lower quality one in an adjacent area creates a jarring look. Low-price rugs often look and feel cheap, so buy complementary hand-knotted oriental pieces, from a highly-reputable merchant, such as J & J Rugs. Invest in quality for each room; your inner designer will thank you for it.

Don’t Be Afraid of Contrast

While complementary colors tie rooms together, you can still work with contrasting colors. Use two different and distinct patterns and pallets to ensure each room looks unique. This style is ideal for homeowners looking to create the feel of separate spaces even in an open floor plan.

For centuries, Oriental rugs have been a timeless and classic staple of interior design. They blend beautifully while arranging different patterns and motifs. As you can see, this can hold true with one or more oriental rugs in the same room.

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