How to Choose an Oriental Rug: 5 Design Tips

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How to Choose an Oriental Rug: 5 Design Tips

How to Choose an Oriental Rug
Oriental rugs have been around for 100s of years, but their style and unique designs still appear in modern homes today. This is because of their fantastic colours, beautiful artwork and their value. Authentic oriental rugs can be expensive. However, they’re worth it because they’re a great talking point for guests, you can often say […]

Using Oriental Rugs as the Basis for Your Interior Design

Oriental rugs have been prized in Western interiors since the 16th century. Why? Because they are an artform that feature some of the most beautiful and intricate designs and motifs. Besides that, they’re practical, they’re easy to care for, and you can cherish them for decades. Designing with Oriental rugs is surprisingly simple. Essentially, it’s […]