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Rug Restoration and Repairs

At J & J Oriental Rugs, we are committed to helping you preserve the beauty and value of your rugs. Whatever your needs, we can recommend a solution that will fit your budget and constraints. Our skilled workmen have experience in repairing: Tears in the fibers, Missing fringes, Holes, Damage from moths and/or other animals, Worn pile, Worn selvage.

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Eye for Detail

We inspect all rugs needing restoration and repairs, and provide our customers with detailed explanations of the options available to fix them and pricing. Some of the repairs we do include:Binding and restoring fringes, Finding the correct yarns to be used for the repair or restoration, Protecting the fabric around the damaged area, Re-building all damaged or missing threads, Re-knotting pile while restoring areas that are missing or damaged, Binding the edges to eliminate fraying and complete reweaving of any rug in any condition (torn, holes and missing edges.)

Rug Cleaning

Rugs should be cleaned every two to four years to maintain their beauty and value. Washing will restore the color and vibrancy of the fibers. Your rug is an investment that should bring you pleasure for many years, so treat it with care. We will pick up, professionally wash, and then return your rug to you.

At J & J Oriental Rugs, we carefully wash each rug by hand, using a quality shampoo. All rugs are thoroughly rinsed and dried before being returned.

We hand wash any type of rug, from an expensive and rare antique Oriental to a modern machine-made product. Whether it’s a rug of silk, wool, or other fibers, care is taken to ensure the colors do not run, but remain bright and clean.

Attention to detail

We pay particular attention to detail, assuring that each rug is handled with care. Whatever services you require -- whether a rug repair, cleaning, or even help with decorating, you can be confident in receiving luxury service. We can restore any old rugs to their original beauty.

Commitment to quality

J & J Oriental Rug Gallery specializes in rug cleaning, rug repair, rug restoration, and all services relating to Oriental rugs, including offering decorating suggestions. Each rug we sell comes with its Certificate of Authenticity.

By purchasing your Oriental rug from J & J Rug Gallery, you can feel confident that you are buying quality. Our clients return frequently to purchase additional rugs or upgrade the rugs they own.

Our commitment to our clientele is unsurpassed. No one in the Greater Washington Area carries a larger variety of quality rugs from all the major weaving centers of the world. This includes unique antique and semi-antique pieces, and irreplaceable works of art. We also have a full spectrum of new rugs woven in traditional patterns as well as contemporary designs.

We have extended our stock to include quality Tibetan, Transitional, Over-dyed, and modern Persian rugs, including many silk rugs.

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World Wide Clients

Our commitment to our clientele is unsurpassed and so are our low prices. Because J & J Rug Gallery has consistently offered value over the 40 years we have been in business, we have attracted buyers from all over the world who return again and again for beautiful Oriental rugs. We can easily ship rugs to you.

If you see something on our web site that you like, please contact us -- either by phone or e-mail -- and we will provide the details. We have extended our stock to include Tibetan, Transitional, Over-dyed, and modern Persian, including many silk rugs. There are thousands of rugs that are not displayed on our web site.

Silk rugs

J & J Rugs has one of the largest collections of silk rugs in the world. These include 13 x 20 old, very fine, silk Persian Qum and 12 x 15 fine, silk Qum, very fine 7 x 10 fine silk Kashan, 5 x 7 very fine gold and silk antique fine Hereaeh, in addition to many more.

Designer discounts

We offer discounts to all legitimate designers and interior decorators who are purchasing rugs for their clients.