Using Oriental Rugs as the Basis for Your Interior Design

Using Oriental Rugs as the Basis for Your Interior Design

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Oriental rugs have been prized in Western interiors since the 16th century. Why? Because they are an artform that feature some of the most beautiful and intricate designs and motifs. Besides that, they’re practical, they’re easy to care for, and you can cherish them for decades.

Designing with Oriental rugs is surprisingly simple. Essentially, it’s a matter of finding the right size rug with an appealing color scheme and building a room around it. The most important thing is to find a rug that you really love.

Here are some tips:

1. Determine the right size of the rug you will need for the room.

When deciding on the right size for a room, you will likely want to allow for a border of hardwood floor or of carpeting (or marble or whatever your floor is made of) to show on all sides of the rug. So, for instance, if the space in which you would like a rug is 12 feet by 16 feet, you might select a rug that is 9 by 12 feet, thus allowing for one and a half or two feet of border all the way around the rug—with less space around a smaller rug.

In any case, don’t be too rigid about the size you require. Many people make the process of finding a rug almost impossible by hitting on an exact size and insisting on it. If you can, come up with a range of sizes that are possible, and this will increase the number of rugs from which to choose. Being flexible about size may mean the difference between winding up with a rug that “works,” and one that you really love.

2. Decide what colors you want.

You will need to decide on a color scheme for your oriental rug. The right colors for your room, quite simply, will be the colors that most appeal to you.

Dark Colors

In decorating, dark colors may have a tendency to make a room feel smaller. If you want to create a warm, rich, cozy environment, a more darkly colored oriental rug might be perfect for your space.

Light or Vivid Colors

If you are hoping to beautifully brighten or enlarge a space, light or vivid colors could be the best choice for your interior design oriental rug. One of these rugs in pale colors may help add a sense of light and visual depth to your home.

3. Choose the design

Oriental Rug design elements are a fascinating part of the appeal of these rugs. Oriental Rugs can truly be considered works of art. It is the variety of design elements used to weave a rug that helps determine its value as well as its appeal to an individual buyer.

The design elements can also help give us clues as to where and why a particular Oriental Rug was woven.

The design element value of a rug includes the intricacy of the design as well as the beauty of the motifs and the pattern. With the exception of rugs with an all over, portrait, and panel design, these rugs should be symmetrical.

Types of rugs we sell include one of a kind, antique, and modern/transitional in the following styles (and so much more):








Silk Herekeh

4. Build your room around the rug.

The moment you choose an oriental rug for a room, you often imagine how the room will be laid out. You establish the colors that will look good in it. This is wise, as it is far easier to buy furniture and fabric to complement the rug than the other way around.

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