What Your Choice of Oriental Rugs Says About You!

What Your Choice of Oriental Rugs Says About You!

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Every Oriental rug, whether an antique that has been in the family for generations or one that you recently purchased, has a story attached to it. This is especially true for hand-made, hand-knotted Oriental rugs that have been created by skilled weavers who craft their story and experiences into the design of the rug.

Many people who visit your home and see your rug will compliment you on your exquisite taste, keen eye for detail, and may even ask if the rug has a story behind it. You might not realize this, but your Oriental rug also has quite a bit to say about you as its owner.

You Value Quality

Your Oriental rug elegantly states that you are someone who cares about quality. It speaks volumes about your appreciation for the finer things.

The best Oriental rugs are hand-made and hand-knotted from the regions they come from. They are often made of wool, silk, or cotton, and have been constructed using techniques and patterns that have been handed down within artists’ families for centuries. As you likely know, the superior quality found in hand-knotted, hand-made rugs cannot be duplicated on a machine or even a loom.

Many antique Oriental rugs (those aged at approximately 100 years or older) are often pieces of family histories – the histories of the family that bought the rug originally and the family that continues to make hand-knotted rugs in their region of the world.

A new hand-knotted Oriental rug may well outlast its original owner, however; it isn’t unusual for families to keep hand-made Oriental rugs in the family to enjoy generation after generation!

Owning one of these rugs is the subtle nod to the fact that you value quality.

You Support Artists

When you purchase a hand-knotted Oriental rug made from natural materials, you are supporting an artist and their entire family. In some of the more remote villages of Iran and a few other remote regions in Asia, you may even be lending support to the entire village with your purchase.

Hand-made Oriental rugs may not be as inexpensive as machine-made rugs. This is because making an Oriental rug can take a weaver several months to source the materials, dye the wool, and create every knot by hand. Purchasing one of these handmade creations says a lot about your efforts towards supporting artisans so that they can continue to hand down their artistic skills to the next generation.

You Are Environmentally Friendly

Everything involving a hand-knotted Oriental rug is natural, from the wool or silk material it is made from, to the plant and vegetable dyes used, to the people who made the rug. With more and more people choosing to use biodegradable, ethically-sourced home décor and fashion, your Oriental rug elegantly states that you are someone who cares about the environment and the world we all share.

What Owning an Oriental Rug Says About You. . .

As you can see, buying an Oriental rug says that you care about much more than just owning a thing of beauty. It speaks volumes about your appreciation for quality, your contribution to the support of artisans, and your efforts toward environmental conservation.

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