Buying a Large Oriental Rug

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Buying a Large Oriental Rug

Large Oriental rugs look absolutely magnificent. With their skillfully handmade knots, beautiful color combinations and unique patterns and designs, each piece can rightfully be considered as a work of art. So, how can you choose the right rug for your home? When buying a large Oriental rug, you must make sure that it blends well […]

Valuable Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have many characteristics that make them desirable, from their amazing patterns and lovely colors to their unparalleled durability. The fact that each rug is entirely hand-woven and one-of-a-kind only adds to the allure. Unlike their modern, machine-made counterparts, handmade oriental rugs can last for several generations and their value only increases. At J […]

The Best Size Area Rug

Ever fall in love with an area rug, and without knowing exactly what size you need, can envision it fitting perfectly in your bedroom or living room? Many of us think we know the size rug we need just by looking at it. But, trust us. . . your best bet is to measure before […]

Tips to Extend the Life of Rugs

High quality oriental rugs are beautiful and valuable, like fine art, so you’ll certainly want to take measures to protect them and extend their life and beauty. While seeking and finding these elegant rugs may be a passionate pursuit, keeping your rug looking pristine may not seem quite as exciting. But it need not be […]

Wool or Silk—Which Rug Type is Right for You?

Deciding whether to buy a wool or silk rug is one of many decisions you will have to make before buying a rug. Both are beautiful to look at but each type has its own unique characteristics that may make it more or less suitable for you. Taking into consideration these 5 major differences between […]