Helpful Tips for the First Time Rug Buyer

Helpful Tips for the First Time Rug Buyer

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Buying an Oriental rug for the first time can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Browsing through the many types of Oriental rugs available can be a real delight but choosing just one can certainly be challenging. These quick tips will help to make the buying process easier for you.

Choose an Oriental Rug by Color

Oriental rugs are woven in several colors and each color has a special meaning.

Although most Oriental rugs are woven in several colors, you will find that most rugs have one predominant color. What’s interesting is that each color has a special meaning. When buying an Oriental rug, consider what message you want to convey through the colors:

Red– joy, happiness, luck, courage, wealth

Blue– honesty, tranquility, solitude, inner peace

Brown– Earth, fertility

Green– life, hope, renewal

Yellow– the color of the sun, energy, joy of life

White/ivory– peace, cleanliness, innocence, selflessness

Choose a Rug by Material

The materials used in constructing an Oriental rug have a huge impact on more than just the looks of the rug. They also affect the durability and cost as well as the ease of maintenance.

Wool: Wool is the most common material used in weaving Oriental rugs. Wool rugs have a soft feel underfoot and are easy to maintain, requiring just a regular gentle vacuuming to remove the accumulated debris.

Silk: Silk rugs have a beautiful, luxurious sheen and a plush feel that is incomparable.

So which material is right for you? A wool rug is the better choice for you if you are looking for a rug that is durable and easy to maintain. Silk is a good choice because of its soft and luxurious feel. Silk is also the best choice if you are looking for a rug to be used as a wall hanging.

Choose a Rug by Shape and Size

The shape and size of the rug you buy will depend largely on which room you are buying it for.

Large rectangular rugs will help bring together the other décor elements in a large living room, dining room or bedroom.

Smaller rectangular rugs are better placed in the kitchen or bathroom. They are also a great choice if you just want to place a rug under your coffee table.

Long runners are great for the hallway and entryway.

A round rug will draw focus when placed under a standalone side table.

Choose the Oriental Rug that Works the Best for You

There are several things to think about when buying an Oriental rug, so be prepared to spend some time to choose one that works the best for you.

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